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High Places

av Denis E. Cosgrove

Living in the Mountains

av Phaidon Editors
High Places

High mountains, polar expanses, volcanic peaks are exciting and special environments. 13 leading international geographers explore different aspects of these environments - diso…

Living in the Mountains

A breathtaking survey of contemporary homes, each with a deep connection to the landscapes and vistas of the mountainsOffering respite from urban living and a profound connectio…

The Living Mountain Into Wild Mongolia Everest, Revised and Updated My First Summer in Sierra
The Living Mountain av Nan ShepherdInto Wild Mongolia av George B. SchallerEverest, Revised and Updated av Broughton CoburnMy First Summer in Sierra av John Muir

Bergzeit 2021 Corcovado National Park: Chile's Wilderness Jewel Wanderlust Europe High Crimes
Bergzeit 2021 Corcovado National Park: Chile's Wilder... av Antonio VizcainoWanderlust Europe High Crimes av Michael Kodas