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Cellbiologi (cytologi)

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The Cell

av Geoffrey Cooper

Molecular Biology of Cancer

av Lauren Pecorino
The Cell

Even the most experienced instructor can find teaching cell biology daunting, and most cell biology texts are bogged down in detail or background information. Lost in all the de…

Molecular Biology of Cancer

Molecular Biology of Cancer: Mechanisms, Targets, and Therapeutics offers an accessible, engaging, and optimistic account of cancer biology for undergraduate and graduate studen…

Membrane Structural Biology Culture of Animal Cells Leaf Defence Power, Sex, Suicide
Membrane Structural Biology av Mary LuckeyCulture of Animal Cells av R. Ian FreshneyLeaf Defence av Edward E. FarmerPower, Sex, Suicide av Nick Lane

Karp's Cell Biology Introduction to Glycobiology Origins of Life Genome Duplication
Karp's Cell Biology av Gerald KarpIntroduction to Glycobiology av Maureen E. TaylorOrigins of Life av Freeman DysonGenome Duplication av Melvin DePamphilis
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  2. Human Molecular Genetics av Tom Strachan
  3. The Cell av Geoffrey Cooper
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  7. Cell Biology av Thomas D. Pollard
  8. Basic Pathology av Sunil R. Lakhani
  9. The Machinery of Life av David S. Goodsell
  10. Marine Microbiology av Colin B. Munn