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Atkins' Physical Chemistry

av James Keeler

Chemistry3: Introducing Inorganic, Organic and Physical Che…

av Andrew Burrows
Atkins' Physical Chemistry

The exceptional quality of previous editions has been built upon to make this new edition of Atkins' Physical Chemistry even more closely suited to the needs of both lecturers a…

Chemistry3: Introducing Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistry

Chemistry is widely considered to be the central science: it encompasses concepts from which other branches of science are developed. Yet, for many students entering university,…

Beyond Born-Oppenheimer Tribology Physical Chemistry for the Life Sciences Physical Chemistry
Beyond Born-Oppenheimer av Michael BaerTribology av Ian HutchingsPhysical Chemistry for the Life Sciences av Peter AtkinsPhysical Chemistry av Peter Atkins

Environmental Chemistry Quantum Theory of Materials Statistical Mechanics Introduction to Computational Chemistry
Environmental Chemistry av Gary W. VanLoonQuantum Theory of Materials av Efthimios KaxirasStatistical Mechanics av James SethnaIntroduction to Computational Chemistry av Frank Jensen