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Computational Methods in Lanthanide and Actinide Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry

av Mark Weller
Computational Methods in Lanthanide and Actinide Chemistry

The f-elements and their compounds often possess an unusually complex electronic structure, governed by the high number of electronic states arising from open f-shells as well a…

Inorganic Chemistry

Leading the reader from the fundamental principles of inorganic chemistry, right through to cutting-edge research at the forefront of the subject, Inorganic Chemistry, Seventh E…

Chemistry3: Introducing Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistry Organometallic Chemistry Solutions Manual to Accompany Inorganic Chemistry 7th Edition Aquatic Environmental Chemistry
Chemistry3: Introducing Inorganic, Orga... av Andrew BurrowsOrganometallic Chemistry av Gary O. SpessardSolutions Manual to Accompany Inorganic... av Alen HadzovicAquatic Environmental Chemistry av Alan G. Howard

d-Block Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry For Dummies Solid State Chemistry The Periodic Table: A Very Short Introduction
d-Block Chemistry av Mark J. WinterInorganic Chemistry For Dummies av Michael MatsonSolid State Chemistry av Elaine A. MooreThe Periodic Table: A Very Short Introd... av Eric R. Scerri
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