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Understanding NMR Spectroscopy

av James Keeler

Trace Quantitative Analysis by Mass Spectrometry

av Robert K. Boyd
Understanding NMR Spectroscopy

This text discusses the high-resolution NMR of liquid samples and concentrates exclusively on spin-half nuclei (mainly 1 H and 13 C). It is aimed at people who are familiar with…

Trace Quantitative Analysis by Mass Spectrometry

This book provides a serious introduction to the subject of mass spectrometry, providing the reader with the tools and information to be well prepared to perform such demanding …

Spin Dynamics Introduction to Solid?State NMR Spectroscopy Organic Structures from Spectra Introduction to Organic Spectroscopy
Spin Dynamics av Malcolm H. LevittIntroduction to Solid?State NMR Spectro... Organic Structures from Spectra av L. D. FieldIntroduction to Organic Spectroscopy av Laurence M. Harwood

Forensic Science Introduction to Spectroscopy Advanced Batteries High-Resolution NMR Techniques in Organic Chemistry
Forensic Science av Andrew R.W. JacksonIntroduction to Spectroscopy av Donald PaviaAdvanced Batteries av Robert HugginsHigh-Resolution NMR Techniques in Organ... av Timothy D.W. Claridge