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Understanding NMR Spectroscopy

av James Keeler

Laser Chemistry

av Helmut H. Telle
Understanding NMR Spectroscopy

This text discusses the high-resolution NMR of liquid samples and concentrates exclusively on spin-half nuclei (mainly 1 H and 13 C). It is aimed at people who are familiar with…

Laser Chemistry

Laser Chemistry: Spectroscopy, Dynamics and Applications provides a basic introduction to the subject, written for students and other novices. It assumes little in the way of pr…

Interpretation of MS-MS Mass Spectra of Drugs and Pesticides High-Resolution NMR Techniques in Organic Chemistry Early Days of X-ray Crystallography Infrared and Raman Characteristic Group Frequencies
Interpretation of MS-MS Mass Spectra of... av Wilfried M. A. NiessenHigh-Resolution NMR Techniques in Organ... av Timothy D.W. ClaridgeEarly Days of X-ray Crystallography av Andre AuthierInfrared and Raman Characteristic Group... av George Socrates

Mass Spectrometry Foundations of Molecular Structure Determination Advanced Batteries Spectrophotometry
Mass Spectrometry av Edmond de HoffmannFoundations of Molecular Structure Dete... av Simon DuckettAdvanced Batteries av Robert HugginsSpectrophotometry