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Understanding NMR Spectroscopy

av James Keeler

Atomic and Laser Spectroscopy

av Alan Corney
Understanding NMR Spectroscopy
461 kr

This text discusses the high-resolution NMR of liquid samples and concentrates exclusively on spin-half nuclei (mainly 1 H and 13 C). It is aimed at people who are familiar with…

Atomic and Laser Spectroscopy
978 kr

This book discusses many advances in optical physic, and is aimed at advanced undergraduates taking courses in atomic physics, or graduate students in the fields of lasers, astr…

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Spin Dynamics
613 kr
NMR: The Toolkit
261 kr
Characterisation Methods in Inorganic Chemistry
407 kr
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
261 kr
Spin Dynamics av Malcolm H. LevittNMR: The Toolkit av Peter HoreCharacterisation Methods in Inorganic C... av Mark T. WellerNuclear Magnetic Resonance av Peter Hore
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