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Marine Geophysics

av E. J. W. Jones


av Peter Davidson
Marine Geophysics

Exploration of the oceans using geophysical methods has had a profound effect on the way we view the structure of the Earth and its behaviour through geological time. Geophysics…


This is an advanced textbook on the subject of turbulence, and is suitable for engineers, physical scientists and applied mathematicians. The aim of the book is to bridge the ga…

Isotope Geochemistry Geochemistry Field Geophysics Polarisation: Applications in Remote Sensing
Isotope Geochemistry av William M. WhiteGeochemistry av William M. WhiteField Geophysics av John MilsomPolarisation: Applications in Remote Se... av Shane Cloude

The Tectonic Plates are Moving! Geophysics: A Very Short Introduction Marine Structural Design Proxies in Late Cenozoic Paleoceanography
The Tectonic Plates are Moving! av Roy LivermoreGeophysics: A Very Short Introduction av William LowrieMarine Structural Design av Yong BaiProxies in Late Cenozoic Paleoceanograp...
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  3. Fundamentals of Geomorphology av Richard John Huggett
  4. Turbulence av Peter Davidson
  5. Urban Flood Management av Chris Zevenbergen
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  7. Marine Geophysics av E. J. W. Jones
  8. Digital Photogrammetry av Wilfried Linder
  9. Looking into the Earth av Alan E. Mussett
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