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Gravitation and Cosmology

av Steven Weinberg

Introduction to Special Relativity

av Wolfgang Rindler
Gravitation and Cosmology

Introduction to Special Relativity

This book is intended for undergraduates taking an introductory course on special relativity which is rather more conceptually and mathematically than experimentally orientated.…

Covered with Deep Mist Subtle is the Lord The Quantum Matrix An Introduction to Clifford Algebras and Spinors
Covered with Deep Mist av Dean RicklesSubtle is the Lord av Abraham PaisThe Quantum Matrix av Gershon KurizkiAn Introduction to Clifford Algebras an... av Jr., Jayme Vaz

Gravity: A Very Short Introduction Introducing Einstein's Relativity Concepts of Elementary Particle Physics Relativity: A Very Short Introduction
Gravity: A Very Short Introduction av Timothy CliftonIntroducing Einstein's Relativity av Ray D'InvernoConcepts of Elementary Particle Physics av Michael E. PeskinRelativity: A Very Short Introduction av Russell Stannard