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av Bob Aveyard

Computer Simulation of Liquids

av Michael Patrick Allen

Surfactants... today you have probably eaten some, or rubbed others on your body. Plants, animals (including you) and microorganisms make them, and many everyday products (e.g. …

Computer Simulation of Liquids

This book provides a practical guide to molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo simulation techniques used in the modelling of simple and complex liquids. Computer simulation is an e…

Classical Electrodynamics Plasma Physics and Fusion Plasma Electrodynamics Semiconductor Devices Statics and Mechanics of Materials in SI Units
Classical Electrodynamics av John David JacksonPlasma Physics and Fusion Plasma Electr... av Abraham BersSemiconductor Devices av Simon M. SzeStatics and Mechanics of Materials in S... av Russell C. Hibbeler

Early Days of X-ray Crystallography Concepts in Thermal Physics Quantum Wells, Wires and Dots The Science and Technology of Undulators and Wigglers
Early Days of X-ray Crystallography av Andre AuthierConcepts in Thermal Physics av Stephen J. BlundellQuantum Wells, Wires and Dots av Paul HarrisonThe Science and Technology of Undulator... av James A. Clarke