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The Oxford Handbook of Energy Politics

Batteries for Electric Vehicles

av Helena Berg
The Oxford Handbook of Energy Politics

The global, regional, and local energy landscape has changed dramatically in the twenty-first century. Many factors have affected what we know about energy: a consensus among sc…

Batteries for Electric Vehicles

This fundamental guide teaches readers the basics of battery design for electric vehicles. Working through this book, you will understand how to optimise battery performance and…

Electrical Power System Essentials Wind Turbines Renewable Energy Engineering Renewable Energy Engineering
Electrical Power System Essentials av Pieter SchavemakerWind Turbines av Colin AndersonRenewable Energy Engineering av Nicholas JenkinsRenewable Energy Engineering av Nicholas Jenkins

Drilling Engineering Problems and Solutions Gas Turbines for Electric Power Generation The Physics of Energy Advances in Concentrating Solar Thermal Research and Technology
Drilling Engineering Problems and Solut... av M. E. HossainGas Turbines for Electric Power Generat... av S. Can GulenThe Physics of Energy av Robert L. JaffeAdvances in Concentrating Solar Thermal...
  1. Power Density av Vaclav Smil
  2. Wind Turbines av Colin Anderson
  3. Electrical Power System Essentials av Pieter Schavemaker
  4. Energy av Vaclav Smil
  5. Sustainability Science av Per Becker
  6. 6
  7. Energy Transitions av Vaclav Smil
  8. Cryogenic Heat Transfer av Randall F. Barron
  9. Global Energy Politics av Thijs Van de Graaf
  10. Renewable Energy Engineering av Nicholas Jenkins