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Discrete Mathematics

av Norman L. Biggs

Conceptual Mathematics

av F. William Lawvere
Discrete Mathematics

Biggs' Discrete Mathematics has been a best-selling textbook since the first and revised editions were published in 1986 and 1990, respectively. This second edition has been dev…

Conceptual Mathematics

In the last 60 years, the use of the notion of category has led to a remarkable unification and simplification of mathematics. Conceptual Mathematics introduces this tool for th…

Applied Integer Programming Combinatorics Logic and Discrete Mathematics Integer Programming
Applied Integer Programming av Der-San ChenCombinatorics av Peter J. CameronLogic and Discrete Mathematics av Willem ConradieInteger Programming av Laurence A. Wolsey

Graph Algorithms Logic and Discrete Mathematics Handbook of Categorical Algebra: Volume 1, Basic Category Theory Catalan Numbers
Graph Algorithms av Shimon EvenLogic and Discrete Mathematics av Willem ConradieHandbook of Categorical Algebra: Volume... av Francis BorceuxCatalan Numbers av Richard P. Stanley