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Algebraisk geometri

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Techniques in Fractal Geometry

av Kenneth Falconer

Geometry by Its History

av Alexander Ostermann
Techniques in Fractal Geometry

Following on from the success of Fractal Geometry: Mathematical Foundations and Applications, this new sequel presents a variety of techniques in current use for studying the ma…

Geometry by Its History

In this textbook the authors present first-year geometry roughly in the order in which it was discovered. The first five chapters show how the ancient Greeks established geometr…

Elliptic Curves The Turban for the Crown Conics and Cubics Love and Math
Elliptic Curves av Lawrence C. WashingtonThe Turban for the Crown av Said Amir ArjomandConics and Cubics av Robert BixLove and Math av Edward Frenkel

Linear Algebraic Groups Conics and Cubics Mathematical Discovery on Understanding, Learning, and Teaching Problem Solving, Volume II Theory of Operator Algebras I
Linear Algebraic Groups av T.A. SpringerConics and Cubics av Robert BixMathematical Discovery on Understanding... av Polya GeorgeTheory of Operator Algebras I av M. Takesaki