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Differentialgeometri & riemannsk geometri

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Introduction to Symplectic Topology

av Dusa McDuff

Riemann Surfaces

av Simon K. Donaldson
Introduction to Symplectic Topology
486 kr

Over the last number of years powerful new methods in analysis and topology have led to the development of the modern global theory of symplectic topology, including several str…

Riemann Surfaces
412 kr

The theory of Riemann surfaces occupies a very special place in mathematics. It is a culmination of much of traditional calculus, making surprising connections with geometry and…

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From Calculus to Cohomology
487 kr
Manifolds, Sheaves, and Cohomology
638 kr
Elements of Noncommutative Geometry
825 kr
Geometric Integration Theory
749 kr
From Calculus to Cohomology av Ib Henning MadsenManifolds, Sheaves, and Cohomology av Torsten WedhornElements of Noncommutative Geometry av Jose M. Gracia-BondiaGeometric Integration Theory av Steven G. Krantz
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Elementary Differential Geometry, Revised 2nd Edition
758 kr
Cohomology and Differential Forms
164 kr
Introductory Course on Differentiable Manifolds
355 kr
Differential Forms and Connections
487 kr
Elementary Differential Geometry, Revis... av Barrett O'NeillCohomology and Differential Forms av Izu VaismanIntroductory Course on Differentiable M... av Siavash ShahshahaniDifferential Forms and Connections av R. W. R. Darling
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