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Cardinal Arithmetic

av Saharon Shelah

Rings, Fields and Groups

av Reg Allenby
Cardinal Arithmetic

Is the continuum hypothesis still open? If we interpret it as finding the laws of cardinal arithmetic (really exponentiation since addition and multiplication were classically s…

Rings, Fields and Groups

'Rings, Fields and Groups' gives a stimulating and unusual introduction to the results, methods and ideas now commonly studied on abstract algebra courses at undergraduate level…

Mathematical Logic: Part 2 The Foundations of Mathematics An Invitation to Model Theory Naive Set Theory
Mathematical Logic: Part 2 av Rene CoriThe Foundations of Mathematics av Ian StewartAn Invitation to Model Theory av Jonathan KirbyNaive Set Theory av Paul Richard Halmos

An Introduction to Measure and Probability Fundamentals of Mathematics Set Theory and the Continuum Hypothesis Elements of Set Theory
An Introduction to Measure and Probabil... av J. C. TaylorFundamentals of Mathematics av Bernd S. W. SchroderSet Theory and the Continuum Hypothesis av Paul J. CohenElements of Set Theory av Herbert B. Enderton
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  2. Set Theory av John L. Bell
  3. Rings, Fields and Groups av Reg Allenby
  4. Set Theory av Daniel W. Cunningham
  5. How to Prove It av Daniel J. Velleman
  6. Fuzzy-Set Social Science av Charles C. Ragin
  7. Naive Set Theory av Paul R. Halmos
  8. Naive Set Theory av Paul R Halmos
  9. Naive Set Theory av Paul Richard Halmos
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