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Philosophy of Osteopathy

av Andrew T. Still

Osteopathy and the Treatment of Horses

av Anthony Pusey
Philosophy of Osteopathy

Philosophy of Osteopathy is a classic Osteopathic medicine guide by Andrew T. Still. Many of my friends have been anxious ever since Osteopathy became an established fact, that …

Osteopathy and the Treatment of Horses

Written by pioneering and internationally-renowned specialists in the field, this text provides clinically-orientated information on osteopathy as a treatment for horses. It exp…

Anatomy Trains Rehabilitation of the Spine: A Patient-Centered Approach Shoulder Rehabilitation Clinical Imaging
Anatomy Trains av Thomas W. MyersRehabilitation of the Spine: A Patient-... av Craig LiebensonShoulder Rehabilitation av Todd S. EllenbeckerClinical Imaging av Dennis Marchiori

The Activator Method Tillämpad muskeltestning The Insulin Resistance Diet for Pcos: A 4-Week Meal Plan and Cookbook to Lose Weight, Boost Fertility, and Fight Inflammation Clinical Tests for the Musculoskeletal System
The Activator Method av Arlan W. FuhrTillämpad muskeltestning av Aron BrannerThe Insulin Resistance Diet for Pcos: A... av Tara SpencerClinical Tests for the Musculoskeletal... av Johannes Buckup