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The Mismanagement of Talent

The Mismanagement of Talent

av Phillip Brown

The knowledge economy conjures a world of smart people, in smart jobs, doing smart things, in smart ways, for smart money, a world increasingly open to all rather than a few. Gl…

Collieries, Communities and the Miners' Strike in Scotland,…

av Jim Phillips

Labor Economics

av Pierre Cahuc
Collieries, Communities and the Miners' Strike in Scotland, 1984-85

This book, available at last in paperback, analyses the 1984-85 miners' strike by focusing on its vital Scottish dimensions, especially the role of workplace politics and commun…

Labor Economics

The new edition of a widely used, comprehensive graduate-level text and professional reference covering all aspects of labor economics, with substantial new material.This landma…

  1. The Mismanagement of Talent av Phillip Brown
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  3. Seasonal Associate av Heike Geissler
  4. Global Unions, Global Business av Richard Croucher
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  6. Closing Sysco av Lachlan MacKinnon