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Knowledge Management in Organizations

av Donald Hislop

The Strategic Management of Information Systems

av Joe Peppard
Knowledge Management in Organizations

Knowledge Management in Organizations is the most comprehensive and critical textbook on the subject. Encompassing a number of perspectives - including organizational behaviour,…

The Strategic Management of Information Systems

* A comprehensively updated revision of a book regarded by many as one the leading and authoritative titles for practitioners, academics and students in the domain of informatio…

Systems Thinking, Systems Practice Storytelling with Data Open Innovation Results Essentials of Business Processes and Information Systems
Systems Thinking, Systems Practice av Peter ChecklandStorytelling with Data av Cole Nussbaumer KnaflicOpen Innovation Results av Henry ChesbroughEssentials of Business Processes and In... av Simha R. Magal

Master Data Management in Practice Business Intelligence For Dummies Soft Systems Methodology in Action Information: A Very Short Introduction
Master Data Management in Practice av Dalton CervoBusiness Intelligence For Dummies av Swain SchepsSoft Systems Methodology in Action av Peter ChecklandInformation: A Very Short Introduction av Luciano Floridi
  1. Accelerate av Nicole Forsgren Phd
  2. Business Information Systems av Paul Beynon-Davies
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  4. The DevOPS Handbook av Gene Kim
  5. Knowledge Resistance av Mikael Klintman
  6. Project to Product av Mik Kersten
  7. 7
  8. Mining of Massive Datasets av Jure Leskovec
  9. Cracked it! av Bernard Garrette
  10. Lean Analytics av Alistair Croll