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Weapons of Math Destruction

av Cathy O'Neil

Art of Statistics

av David Spiegelhalter
Weapons of Math Destruction

'A manual for the 21st-century citizen... accessible, refreshingly critical, relevant and urgent' - Financial Times 'Fascinating and deeply disturbing' - Yuval Noah Harari, Gua…

Art of Statistics

 Statistics has played a leading role in our scientific understanding of the world for centuries, yet we are all familiar with the way statistical claims can be sensationalised,…

Learn Python 3 the Hard Way Experimetrics Regression and Other Stories A Guide to Modern Econometrics
Learn Python 3 the Hard Way av Zed ShawExperimetrics av Peter MoffattRegression and Other Stories av Andrew GelmanA Guide to Modern Econometrics av Marno Verbeek

Introduction to Survey Quality A Field Guide to Lies and Statistics An Introduction to Analysis of Financial Data with R Predictive Analytics
Introduction to Survey Quality av Paul P. BiemerA Field Guide to Lies and Statistics av Daniel LevitinAn Introduction to Analysis of Financia... av Ruey S. TsayPredictive Analytics av Ajit C. Tamhane