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Captain of the Guild
414 kr

Captain of the Guild

av Christian Henry Tobler

In the late 14th century, the German swordsman Johannes Liechtenauer developed and codified a system of armed combat with sword, spear and dagger that spread through the Holy Ro…

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In Service of the Duke

av Paulus Kal

Ninja Skills: The Authentic Ninja Training Manual

av Antony Cummins
In Service of the Duke
998 kr

Writing in the mid-15th century, Master Paulus Kal was the agent, confidante and fencing master to the powerful Duke of Ludwig IX of Bavaria-Landshut. In his fencing book, prepa…

Ninja Skills: The Authentic Ninja Training Manual
173 kr

This is the world's only illustrated guide to the real ninja teachings of historic Japan. These original techniques are presented in a highly accessible 'how-to' format that com…

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  2. 322 kr
    Medieval Wrestling av Jessica Finley
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  3. 452 kr
    Old School av Ellis Amdur
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  4. 173 kr Lägg i kundvagn 4
  5. 231 kr
    Venetian Rapier av Tom Leoni
  6. 382 kr 6