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Undoing Coups

av Antonia Witt

Emergency Sex (And Other Desperate Measures)

av Andrew Thomson
Undoing Coups

Since the beginnings of independence, a number of African nations have been plagued by repeated coup d'états. Within the African Union (AU), there has been a concerted effort to…

Emergency Sex (And Other Desperate Measures)

Deeply critical of the West's indifference to developing countries and the UN's repeated failure to intervene decisively, the book provoked massive controversy on its initial pu…

Humanitarian Military Intervention Kosovo och FN : ögonblicksbilder från en dagbok Power in Peacekeeping The Peace Continuum
Humanitarian Military Intervention av Taylor B. SeyboltKosovo och FN : ögonblicksbilder från e... av Karin RudebeckPower in Peacekeeping av Lise Morje HowardThe Peace Continuum av Christian Davenport

Only the Dead The Use of Armed Force in Occupied Territory Contemporary Conflict Resolution Extralegal Groups in Post-Conflict Liberia
Only the Dead av Bear F. BraumoellerThe Use of Armed Force in Occupied Terr... av Marco LongobardoContemporary Conflict Resolution av Oliver RamsbothamExtralegal Groups in Post-Conflict Libe... av Christine Cheng
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  2. Ett halvt år, ett helt liv av Magnus Ernström
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  4. Contemporary Conflict Resolution av Oliver Ramsbotham
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  6. Conquering Peace av Stella Ghervas
  7. Syria and the Neutrality Trap av Carsten Wieland
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  9. Does Peacekeeping Work? av Virginia Page Fortna
  10. The Peace Continuum av Christian Davenport