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The Starting School Book

The Starting School Book

av Sarah Ockwell-Smith

An indispensable guide for parents whose children are about to start, or have recently started school. Starting school is a huge important milestone for children and their paren…

کفش من

av Denise Mabee

PYP Springboard Teacher's Manual: What is Waste?

av Julia Gardner
کفش من

Equality means that everyone gets a shoe.Equity means that everyone gets a shoe that fits. (Author Unknown) Through a colourful symbolism of a shoe, this story offers an opportu…

PYP Springboard Teacher's Manual: What is Waste?

Implement the PYP and give students the full breadth of high quality inquiry learning with this non-prescriptive, flexible support. This Teacher’s Manual provides guidance…

  1. For Your Own Good av Samantha Downing
  2. Stiff Upper Lip av Alex Renton
  3. 3
  4. Privilege av Shamus Rahman Khan
  5. 5
  6. Indigenous Methodologies av Margaret Kovach
  7. The New Meritocracy av Mark Peel
  8. 8