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The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Judgment and Decision Making

Book of Why

av Judea Pearl
The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Judgment and Decision Making

A comprehensive, up-to-date examination of the most important theory, concepts, methodological approaches, and applications in the burgeoning field of judgment and decision maki…

Book of Why

'Correlation does not imply causation.' This mantra was invoked by scientists for decades in order to avoid taking positions as to whether one thing caused another, such as smok…

The Case Against Reality Madness and Modernism Hermeneutics: A Very Short Introduction Doors of Perception
The Case Against Reality av Donald D. HoffmanMadness and Modernism av Louis A. SassHermeneutics: A Very Short Introduction av Jens ZimmermannDoors of Perception av Aldous Huxley

Consciousness Explained Philosophical Letters of David K. Lewis If You Should Fail Transformative Experience
Consciousness Explained av Daniel C. DennettPhilosophical Letters of David K. Lewis av David K. LewisIf You Should Fail av Joe MoranTransformative Experience av L. A. Paul
  1. Metazoa av Peter Godfrey-smith
  2. 2
  3. School of Life av Alain de Botton
  4. Simulacra and Simulation av Jean Baudrillard
  5. The Order of Time av Carlo Rovelli
  6. Philosophy of Mind av Ian Ravenscroft
  7. Doors of Perception av Aldous Huxley
  8. Book of Why av Judea Pearl
  9. A Thousand Brains av Jeff Hawkins
  10. If You Should Fail av Joe Moran