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River Kings

River Kings

av Cat Jarman

'Astonishing and compelling' Bernard Cornwell'Replete with witches, human sacrifice, Greek fire and funeral orgies... one of the most thrilling works of archaeological detective…

Buildings of Medieval Europe

Doctors of Empire

av Hoi-Eun Kim
Buildings of Medieval Europe

This volume brings together an interesting range of papers discussing medieval buildings across Europe. They provide interesting insights to life in the medieval world in severa…

Doctors of Empire

The history of German medicine has undergone intense scrutiny because of its indelible connection to Nazi crimes. What is less well known is that Meiji Japan adopted German medi…

  1. River Kings av Cat Jarman
  2. Viking Language 2 av Jesse L. Byock
  3. The Lost Art of the Anglo-Saxon World av Alexandra Lester-Makin
  4. The Viking Age av Caroline Arcini
  5. Archaeology of Medieval Europe av James Graham-Campbell
  6. The Medieval Household av Geoff Egan
  7. Garranes av William O'Brien
  8. Oil in Putin's Russia av Adnan Vatansever
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