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Archaeological Theory

av Matthew Johnson


av Tony Waldron
Archaeological Theory

A lively and accessible introduction to themes and debates in archaeological theory for students of all levels Archaeological Theory is a relatable, accessible, reader-friendly …


Palaeopathology is an evidence-based guide to the principal types of pathological lesions often found in human remains and how to diagnose them. Tony Waldron presents an innovat…

Ethics and Burial Archaeology Archaeology Fingerprints Of The Gods Archaeologies of Conflict
Ethics and Burial Archaeology av Duncan SayerArchaeology av Colin RenfrewFingerprints Of The Gods av Graham HancockArchaeologies of Conflict av John Carman

Paleozoology and Paleoenvironments Assembling Archaeology Archaeological Networks and Social Interaction The Anthropology of Hunter-Gatherers
Paleozoology and Paleoenvironments av J. Tyler FaithAssembling Archaeology av Hannah CobbArchaeological Networks and Social Inte... The Anthropology of Hunter-Gatherers av Vicki Cummings
  1. Fingerprints Of The Gods av Graham Hancock
  2. Archaeological Theory av Matthew Johnson
  3. Archaeology av Colin Renfrew
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  6. Rome and Environs av Filippo Coarelli
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  8. Lithics av Jr, William Andrefsky
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