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Core Java, Volume II--Advanced Features

av Cay Horstmann

Verbal Hygiene

av Deborah Cameron
Core Java, Volume II--Advanced Features

Core Java (R) has long been recognized as the leading, no-nonsense tutorial and reference for experienced programmers who want to write robust Java code for real-world applicati…

Verbal Hygiene

In Verbal Hygiene, Deborah Cameron takes a serious look at popular attitudes towards language and examines the practices by which people attempt to regulate its use. Instead of …

Task-Based Language Teaching Conducting Reaction Time Research in Second Language Studies Academic Writing in a Global Context English Phonetics and Phonology Paperback with Audio CDs (2)
Task-Based Language Teaching av David NunanConducting Reaction Time Research in Se... av Nan JiangAcademic Writing in a Global Context av Theresa LillisEnglish Phonetics and Phonology Paperba... av Peter Roach

Reading in a Second Language Modelling and Assessing Vocabulary Knowledge Genre Analysis Second Language Writing (Cambridge Applied Linguistics)
Reading in a Second Language av William GrabeModelling and Assessing Vocabulary Know... Genre Analysis av John SwalesSecond Language Writing (Cambridge Appl...