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Doing Task-Based Teaching

av Dave Willis

English for Primary Teachers

av Mary Slattery
Doing Task-Based Teaching

Task-based teaching has created enormous interest among teachers in recent years. But how does the idea of designing tasks (e.g. discussions, problems, games) that encourage lea…

English for Primary Teachers

The book aims to build teachers' confidence in their ability to use English effectively, at the same time as providing advice and techniques for primary English teachers. A free…

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English 6 paper The Teacher's Grammar of English with Answers Key Issues in Language Teaching Practical English Usage, 4th Edition: Paperback
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Engl... The Teacher's Grammar of English with A... av Ron CowanKey Issues in Language Teaching av Jack C. RichardsPractical English Usage, 4th Edition: P... av Michael Swan

Analysing Learner Language Research Methods in Applied Linguistics Digital Literacies Collins COBUILD Advanced Learner's Dictionary
Analysing Learner Language av Rod EllisResearch Methods in Applied Linguistics av Zoltan DornyeiDigital Literacies av Nicola HocklyCollins COBUILD Advanced Learner's Dict...
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  4. Young Learners av Sarah Phillips
  5. Foreign and Second Language Learning av William Littlewood
  6. Learner English av Michael Swan
  7. English grammar av Hilde Hasselgård
  8. Key Issues in Language Teaching av Jack C. Richards
  9. How to Teach Grammar av Scott Thornbury
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