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A Companion to Ancient Near Eastern Languages

The Oxford Gothic Grammar

av D. Gary Miller
A Companion to Ancient Near Eastern Languages

Covers the major languages, language families, and writing systems attested in the Ancient Near EastFilled with enlightening chapters by noted experts in the field, this book in…

The Oxford Gothic Grammar

This volume provides a comprehensive reference grammar of Gothic, the earliest attested language of the Germanic family (apart from runic inscriptions), dating to the fourth cen…

Language Invention in Linguistics Pedagogy Language, Gender, and Sexuality Writing - Theory and History of the Technology of Civilization Pappas runer
Language Invention in Linguistics Pedag... Language, Gender, and Sexuality av Scott F. KieslingWriting - Theory and History of the Tec... av Barry B. PowellPappas runer av Marte Spurkland

Breaking the Maya Code Language Testing Dying Words The Complete Guide to Japanese Kanji
Breaking the Maya Code av Michael D. CoeLanguage Testing av Barry O'SullivanDying Words av Nicholas EvansThe Complete Guide to Japanese Kanji av Christopher Seely
  1. Runstenar i Sverige av Linus Karlén
  2. Writing Systems av Geoffrey Sampson
  3. Dying Words av Nicholas Evans
  4. 4
  5. Japanese Kanji and Kana Workbook av Wolfgang Hadamitzky
  6. 6
  7. The Art Of Language Invention av David J. Peterson
  8. 8
  9. Language, Gender, and Sexuality av Scott F. Kiesling
  10. Runmagi:Bok-stäverna berättar av Ylva Trollstierna