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The Adaptable Mind

av John Zerilli

Philosophy of Language

av Dr Chris Daly
The Adaptable Mind

A familiar trope of cognitive science, linguistics, and the philosophy of psychology over the past forty or so years has been the idea of the mind as a modular system-that is, o…

Philosophy of Language

Philosophy of Language is an accessible yet detailed introduction to the major issues and thinkers in the subject.Thematically structured, Philosophy of Language introduces the …

Philosophical Letters of David K. Lewis The Attending Mind Introducing Language Typology Poetry and Dialogism
Philosophical Letters of David K. Lewis av David K. LewisThe Attending Mind av Carolyn Dicey JenningsIntroducing Language Typology av Edith A. MoravcsikPoetry and Dialogism

Causation, Explanation, and the Metaphysics of Aspect Bad Language Bad Language Suppose and Tell
Causation, Explanation, and the Metaphy... av Bradford SkowBad Language av Herman CappelenBad Language av Herman CappelenSuppose and Tell av Timothy Williamson
  1. The Language Instinct av Steven Pinker
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. The Language Hoax av John H. McWhorter
  5. The Translation Equivalence Delusion av Tomasz P. Krzeszowski
  6. Philosophy of Language av Dr Chris Daly
  7. Cartesian Linguistics av Noam Chomsky
  8. Språkfilosofiska texter av Walter Benjamin
  9. Introducing Language Typology av Edith A. Moravcsik
  10. Wittgenstein's Ladder av Marjorie Perloff