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Stage Makeup

av Richard Corson

Historical Pattern Archive

av Thomas John Bernard
Stage Makeup

Widely referred to as the "bible of stage makeup," the timely revision of this classic text addresses principles and techniques in the use of makeup for the contemporary perform…

Historical Pattern Archive

Historical Pattern Archive: Women's Clothing 1837-1969 is the first book of its kind to capture such a wide range of women's period patterns in one book, featuring 83 patterns s…

The Art of Light on Stage A Practical Guide to Stage Lighting Games for Actors and Non-Actors Stays and Corsets
The Art of Light on Stage av Yaron AbulafiaA Practical Guide to Stage Lighting av Steven Louis ShelleyGames for Actors and Non-Actors av Augusto BoalStays and Corsets av Mandy Barrington

A Director Prepares Beyond Scenography Period Reproduction Buckram Hats Concert Lighting
A Director Prepares av Anne BogartBeyond Scenography av Rachel HannPeriod Reproduction Buckram Hats av Crystal G. HermanConcert Lighting av James Moody
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  4. The Dramatic Imagination av Robert Edmond Jones
  5. Historical Pattern Archive av Thomas John Bernard
  6. Stage Makeup av Richard Corson
  7. The Art of Light on Stage av Yaron Abulafia
  8. Stays and Corsets av Mandy Barrington
  9. A Practical Guide to Stage Lighting av Steven Louis Shelley
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