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The Marvel Age of Comics 1961?1978. 40th Ed.

av Roy Thomas

Masterpieces of Fantasy Art

av Dian Hanson
The Marvel Age of Comics 1961?1978. 40th Ed.

It was an age of mighty heroes, misunderstood monsters, and complex villains. With the publication of Fantastic Four No. 1 in November 1961, comics giant Marvel inaugurated a tr…

Masterpieces of Fantasy Art

Famous First Edition: First printing of 7,500 numbered copiesFantasy art, that colorful blend of myth, muscle and sexy maidens, took off in 1923 with the launch of Weird Tales m…

The History of EC Comics Solutions and Other Problems The Power of Comics The Visual Narrative Reader
The History of EC Comics av Grant GeissmanSolutions and Other Problems av Allie BroshThe Power of Comics av PhD Randy DuncanThe Visual Narrative Reader

Webcomics How To Safe Area Gorazde Robert Crumb. Sketchbook Vol. 2. 1968?1975
Webcomics av Dr Sean KleefeldHow To av Randall MunroeSafe Area Gorazde av Joe SaccoRobert Crumb. Sketchbook Vol. 2. 1968?1...