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Konst- & designstilar: abstrakt expressionism

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Abstract Art: A Global History

av Pepe Karmel

Abstract Art (World of Art)

av Anna Moszynska
Abstract Art: A Global History

Taking a radically new approach to the history of abstract painting, Pepe Karmel applies a scholarly yet fresh vision to reconsider the history of abstraction from a global pers…

Abstract Art (World of Art)

Since the early years of the 20th century, Western abstract art has fascinated, outraged and bewildered audiences. Its path to acceptance within the artistic mainstream was slow…

Abstract Art (Art Essentials) Abstract Art Abstract Expressionism Abstract Expressionism
Abstract Art (Art Essentials) av Stephanie StraineAbstract Art av Dietmar ElgerAbstract Expressionism av Barbara HessAbstract Expressionism av David Anfam

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  2. Abstract Art av Dietmar Elger
  3. Abstract Expressionism av David Anfam
  4. Abstract Art (World of Art) av Anna Moszynska
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  7. Abstract Art (Art Essentials) av Stephanie Straine