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The Sun Sister

The Sun Sister

av Lucinda Riley

From the frenetic atmosphere of Manhattan to the magnificent wide-open plains of Africa, The Sun Sister is the sixth epic tale in the Seven Sisters series by the number one best…

When Stars are Scattered

av Victoria Jamieson

Britain's Gulag

av Caroline Elkins
When Stars are Scattered

6-9 årA heart-wrenching true story about life in a Kenyan refugee camp that will restore your faith in real-life happy endings. Omar and his brother Hassan, two Somali boys, have spen…

Britain's Gulag

Only a few years after Britain defeated fascism came the Mau Mau uprising in Kenya - a mass armed rebellion by the Kikuyu people, demanding the return of their land and freedom.

  1. The Sun Sister av Lucinda Riley
  2. Lonely Planet Kenya av Lonely Planet
  3. When Stars are Scattered av Victoria Jamieson
  4. Kenya av Daniel Branch
  5. Aristocratic Universe of Karen Blixen av Frantz Leander Hansen
  6. No Picnic on Mount Kenya av Felice Benuzzi
  7. One Day I Will Write About This Place av Binyavanga Wainaina
  8. 8
  9. My Kenya Days av Wilfred Thesiger
  10. Perfect Nine av Ngugi wa Thiong'o