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Västra öarna, Yttre Hebriderna

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In Search of Angels

av Alistair Moffat

Western Isles Folk Tales

av Ian Stephen
In Search of Angels

Longlisted for The Highland Book Prize 2020 Fourteen centuries ago, Irish saints brought the Word of God to the Hebrides and Scotland’s Atlantic shore. These ‘white …

Western Isles Folk Tales

Western Isles Folk Tales is a representative collection of stories from the geographical span of the long chain of islands known as the Outer Hebrides. Some are well-known tales…

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  2. Walking on Harris and Lewis av Richard Barrett
  3. Outer Hebrides Pocket Map av Collins Maps
  4. Outer Hebrides av Paul Webster
  5. I Am An Island av Tamsin Calidas
  6. An Eye on the Hebrides av Mairi Hedderwick
  7. The Hebrides av Paul Murton
  8. The Lighthouse av Keith McCloskey
  9. The Pure Heart av Trudi Tweedie
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