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Comparative Politics

Cities of Tomorrow

av Peter Hall
Comparative Politics

With unparalleled empirical material, this is the most comprehensive introduction to comparative politics written by the leading experts in the field who bring together a divers…

Cities of Tomorrow

Peter Hall s seminal Cities of Tomorrow remains an unrivalled account of the history of planning in theory and practice, as well as of the social and economic problems and oppor…

The Ludic City Community Development and Public Administration Theory The People, Place, and Space Reader Dilemmas of Sustainable Urban Development
The Ludic City av Quentin StevensCommunity Development and Public Admini... The People, Place, and Space Reader Dilemmas of Sustainable Urban Developme...

Money Sings New Urban Spaces The Routledge Companion to Games in Architecture and Urban Planning Naked City
Money Sings av Blair A. RubleNew Urban Spaces av Neil BrennerThe Routledge Companion to Games in Arc... Naked City av Sharon Zukin
  1. Urban Theory av John Rennie Short
  2. 2
  3. Feminist City av Leslie Kern
  4. Planning Theory av Philip Allmendinger
  5. Public Policy av Christoph Knill
  6. Cities for People av Jan Gehl
  7. The Rise of the Creative Class av Richard Florida
  8. 8
  9. Cities of Tomorrow av Peter Hall
  10. 10