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Climate Change

av Marie-Antoinette Melieres

The Gospel of the Eels

av Patrik Svensson
Climate Change

This book is designed for first- and second-year university students (and their instructors) in earth science, environmental science, and physical geography degree programmes wo…

The Gospel of the Eels

I can't recall us ever talking about anything other than eels and how to best catch them, down there by the stream. Actually, I can't remember us speaking at all. Maybe because …

Renewable Energy Environment and Society Conservation of Wildlife Populations We are the Weather
Renewable Energy Environment and Society av Paul RobbinsConservation of Wildlife Populations av L. Scott MillsWe are the Weather av Jonathan Safran Foer

Wildlife Ecology, Conservation, and Management The Uninhabitable Earth On Fire Allee Effects in Ecology and Conservation
Wildlife Ecology, Conservation, and Man... av John M. FryxellThe Uninhabitable Earth av David Wallace-WellsOn Fire Allee Effects in Ecology and Conservati... av Franck Courchamp
  1. Apocalypse Never av Michael Shellenberger
  2. Silent Spring av Rachel Carson
  3. Braiding Sweetgrass av Robin Wall Kimmerer
  4. False Alarm av Bjorn Lomborg
  5. 5
  6. Let My People Go Surfing av Yvon Chouinard
  7. The Gospel of the Eels av Patrik Svensson
  8. 8
  9. The Uninhabitable Earth av David Wallace-Wells
  10. Ecology: The Economy of Nature av Robert E. Ricklefs