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Brief Answers to the Big Questions

av Stephen Hawking

What If?

av Randall Munroe
Brief Answers to the Big Questions

The world-famous cosmologist and #1 bestselling author of A Brief History of Time leaves us with his final thoughts on the universe's biggest questions in this brilliant posthum…

What If?

From the creator of the wildly popular, hilarious and informative answers to important questions you probably never thought to ask. Millions visit each week to…

The Book of Why How To Superintelligence Electronics All-in-One For Dummies
The Book of Why av Judea PearlHow To av Randall MunroeSuperintelligence av Nick BostromElectronics All-in-One For Dummies av Doug Lowe

Tipping Point Life 3.0 The God Delusion How to Argue With a Racist
Tipping Point av Malcolm GladwellLife 3.0 av Max TegmarkThe God Delusion av Richard DawkinsHow to Argue With a Racist av Adam Rutherford
  1. 1
  2. Power of Habit av Charles Duhigg
  3. A Brief History of Time av Stephen Hawking
  4. Other Minds av Peter Godfrey-Smith
  5. What If? av Randall Munroe
  6. 6
  7. Breath av James Nestor
  8. 8
  9. The Book of Why av Judea Pearl
  10. Body av Bill Bryson