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Informal Logic

av Douglas Walton

Thinking from A to Z

av Nigel Warburton
Informal Logic

Second edition of the introductory guidebook to the basic principles of constructing sound arguments and criticising bad ones. Non-technical in approach, it is based on 186 exam…

Thinking from A to Z

What is 'humpty-dumptying'? Do 'arguments from analogy' ever stand up? How do I know when someone is using 'weasel words'? What's the difference between a 'red herring' and a 's…

  1. A Rulebook for Arguments av Anthony Weston
  2. Thinking from A to Z av Nigel Warburton
  3. The Art of Deception av Nicholas Capaldi
  4. Informal Logic av Douglas Walton
  5. New Rhetoric, The av Chaim Perelman
  6. Do They Think You're Stupid? av Julian Baggini