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The Measure of Things

av David E. Cooper

Descartes and the Ontology of Everyday Life

av Deborah J. Brown
The Measure of Things

Philosophers, both western and eastern, have long been divided between 'humanists', for whom 'man is the measure of things', and their opponents, who claim that there is a way, …

Descartes and the Ontology of Everyday Life

The seventeenth century was a period of extraordinary invention, discovery and revolutions in scientific, social and political orders. It was a time of expansive automation, bio…

Frege's Detour Nietzsche on the Decadence and Flourishing of Culture How To Be Trustworthy Transhumanism, Nature, and the Ends of Science
Frege's Detour av John PerryNietzsche on the Decadence and Flourish... av Andrew HuddlestonHow To Be Trustworthy av Katherine HawleyTranshumanism, Nature, and the Ends of... av Robert Frodeman

Posthuman Knowledge Posthuman Knowledge Being and Reason The Legitimacy of the Human
Posthuman Knowledge av Rosi BraidottiPosthuman Knowledge av Rosi BraidottiBeing and Reason av Martin LinThe Legitimacy of the Human av Remi Brague
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  2. Posthuman Knowledge av Rosi Braidotti
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  4. Civilized to Death av Christopher Ryan
  5. Humanism of the Other av Emmanuel Levinas
  6. Post-Growth Living av Kate Soper
  7. A Philosophy of Walking av Frederic Gros
  8. Perspectives on Pragmatism av Robert B. Brandom
  9. Philosophical Posthumanism av Francesca Ferrando
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