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Eye Tracking

av Kenneth Holmqvist

The Oxford Compendium of Visual Illusions

Eye Tracking
1.489 kr

We make 3-5 eye movements per second, and these movements are crucial in helping us deal with the vast amounts of information we encounter in our everyday lives. In recent years…

The Oxford Compendium of Visual Illusions
2.704 kr

Visual illusions cut across academic divides and popular interests: on the one hand, illusions provide entertainment as curious tricks of the eye; on the other hand, scientific …

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  1. 954 kr
    The Eye av John Forrester
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  3. 562 kr
    Eye Tracking av Kenneth Holmqvist
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  4. 673 kr
    Visual Ecology av Thomas W. Cronin
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    Brainspotting av David Grand
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    Vision av David Marr
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  7. 790 kr
    Human Factors in Lighting av Peter Robert Boyce
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