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Brains Through Time

av Georg F. Striedter

Field Guide to East African Reptiles

av Steve Spawls
Brains Through Time

When did the first vertebrates emerge, and how did they differ from their invertebrate ancestors? When did vertebrates evolve jaws, paired fins, pattern vision, or a neocortex? …

Field Guide to East African Reptiles

East Africa is home to a remarkable assemblage of reptiles, from crocodiles and chameleons to turtles and tortoises, lizards, worm-lizards, and a stunning array of snakes. The r…

The Dangerous Snakes of Africa Amphibians of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East The Complex Lives of British Freshwater Fishes Green Tree Pythons: Natural History and Captive Maintenance
The Dangerous Snakes of Africa av Steve SpawlsAmphibians of Europe, North Africa and... av Christophe DufresnesThe Complex Lives of British Freshwater... av Mark EverardGreen Tree Pythons: Natural History and... av Terry Phillip

Fish Snake Venom: Medicinal Capabilities Of Snake Venom Snake: The Essential Visual Guide The Ocean: Exploring Our Blue Planet
Fish av Elizabeth R. DeSombreSnake Venom: Medicinal Capabilities Of... av Peter Franklin MDSnake: The Essential Visual Guide av Chris MattisonThe Ocean: Exploring Our Blue Planet av Miranda Krestovnikoff