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Statistical Physics
612 kr

Statistical Physics

av L. P. Pitaevskii

The second part of 'Statistical Physics' deals with the quantum theory of the condensed state of matter. This volume is essentially an entirely new book, based on the large amou…

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Mathematical Methods for Physicists

av George B. Arfken

Clifford Analysis and Its Applications

Mathematical Methods for Physicists
1.005 kr

Now in its 7th edition, Mathematical Methods for Physicists continues to provide all the mathematical methods that aspiring scientists and engineers are likely to encounter as s…

Clifford Analysis and Its Applications
1.336 kr

In its traditional form, Clifford analysis provides the function theory for solutions of the Dirac equation. From the beginning, however, the theory was used and applied to prob…

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  5. 371 kr
    Mathematical Physics av Robert Geroch
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  7. 664 kr
    The Geometry of Physics av Theodore Frankel
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  10. 179 kr
    Reasoning About Luck av Vinay Ambegaokar
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