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Uccec - Statistisk mekanik

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Information, Physics, and Computation
701 kr

Information, Physics, and Computation

av Marc Mezard

This book presents a unified approach to a rich and rapidly evolving research domain at the interface between statistical physics, theoretical computer science/discrete mathemat…

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Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Molecular Simulation
731 kr
Statistical Mechanics
346 kr
Statistical Physics
892 kr
Statistical Physics of Particles
597 kr
Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Molec... av Mark TuckermanStatistical Mechanics av James SethnaStatistical Physics av L. D. LandauStatistical Physics of Particles av Mehran Kardar
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  1. 1.112 kr
    Statistical Mechanics av Donald A. McQuarrie
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  5. 169 kr
    Min nyckelversbibel av Cecilie Fodor
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