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Worlds of Flow

av Olivier Darrigol

Fluid Mechanics for Civil Engineers

av N.B. Webber
Worlds of Flow

The first of its kind, this book is an in-depth history of hydrodynamics from its eighteenth-century foundations to its first major successes in twentieth-century hydraulics and…

Fluid Mechanics for Civil Engineers

This well-established text book fills the gap between the general texts on fluid mechanics and the highly specialised volumes on hydraulic engineering. It covers all aspects of …

Space Flight Dynamics Essential Computational Fluid Dynamics Fundamentals of Gas Dynamics Principles of Continuum Mechanics
Space Flight Dynamics av Craig A. KlueverEssential Computational Fluid Dynamics av Oleg ZikanovFundamentals of Gas Dynamics av Robert D. ZuckerPrinciples of Continuum Mechanics av J. N. Reddy

A Physical Introduction to Suspension Dynamics Vectors, Tensors and the Basic Equations of Fluid Mechanics Stochastic Tools in Turbulence Multiphase Flow in Permeable Media
A Physical Introduction to Suspension D... av Elisabeth GuazzelliVectors, Tensors and the Basic Equation... av Rutherford ArisStochastic Tools in Turbulence av John L. LumleyMultiphase Flow in Permeable Media av Martin J. Blunt