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Tepb - Algebraisk topologi

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Super-Real Fields
885 kr

Super-Real Fields

av H. Garth Dales

Super-real fields are a class of large totally ordered fields. These fields are larger than the real line. They arise from quotients of the algebra of continuous functions on a …

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From Calculus to Cohomology

av Ib Henning Madsen

Topology and Geometry

av Glen E. Bredon
From Calculus to Cohomology
503 kr

De Rham cohomology is the cohomology of differential forms. This book offers a self-contained exposition to this subject and to the theory of characteristic classes from the cur…

Topology and Geometry
649 kr

This book offers an introductory course in algebraic topology. Starting with general topology, it discusses differentiable manifolds, cohomology, products and duality, the funda…

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