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Introduction to Symplectic Topology

av Dusa McDuff

Techniques in Fractal Geometry

av Kenneth Falconer
Introduction to Symplectic Topology

Over the last number of years powerful new methods in analysis and topology have led to the development of the modern global theory of symplectic topology, including several str…

Techniques in Fractal Geometry

Following on from the success of Fractal Geometry: Mathematical Foundations and Applications, this new sequel presents a variety of techniques in current use for studying the ma…

Topology: A Very Short Introduction Super-Real Fields Handbook of Convex Geometry Handbook of Convex Geometry
Topology: A Very Short Introduction av Richard EarlSuper-Real Fields av H. Garth DalesHandbook of Convex Geometry av Gerard MeurantHandbook of Convex Geometry av Gerard Meurant

Surface Topology Matte med mening; tenke tall og finne mønstre Topology and Geometry Introducing Fractals
Surface Topology av P.A. FirbyMatte med mening; tenke tall og finne m... av Kristin DahlTopology and Geometry av Glen E. BredonIntroducing Fractals av Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon
  1. Algebraic Topology av Allen Hatcher
  2. A Beautiful Mind av Sylvia Nasar
  3. Topology (Classic Version) av James Munkres
  4. 4
  5. Introduction to Topology av T. W. Gamelin
  6. 6
  7. Zero av Charles Seife
  8. God Created the Integers av Stephen Hawking
  9. Counterexamples in Topology av Lynn Arthur Steen
  10. 10