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Telf - Differentialgeometri och integralgeometri

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Projective Geometry: Creative Polarities in Space and Time

av Olive Whicher

Elementary Differential Geometry

av A.N. Pressley
Projective Geometry: Creative Polarities in Space and Time
291 kr

Whicher explores the concepts of polarity and movement in modern projective geometry as a discipline of thought that transcends the limited and rigid space and forms of Euclid, …

Elementary Differential Geometry
396 kr

Elementary Differential Geometry presents the main results in the differential geometry of curves and surfaces suitable for a first course on the subject. Prerequisites are kept…

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Introductory Course on Differentiable Manifolds
355 kr
Elementary Differential Geometry, Revised 2nd Edition
758 kr
Geometric Integration Theory
835 kr
Modern Differential Geometry For Physicists (2nd Edition)
870 kr
Introductory Course on Differentiable M... av Siavash ShahshahaniElementary Differential Geometry, Revis... av Barrett O'NeillGeometric Integration Theory av Steven G. KrantzModern Differential Geometry For Physic... av Chris J. Isham
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  3. 958 kr Lägg i kundvagn 3
  4. 673 kr
    Complex Geometry av Daniel Huybrechts
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  10. 619 kr
    Functional Differential Geometry av Gerald Jay Sussman
    Lägg i kundvagn 10