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Tce - Kombinatorik

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Combinatorics: A Very Short Introduction
104 kr

Combinatorics: A Very Short Introduction

av Robin Wilson

How many possible sudoku puzzles are there? In the lottery, what is the chance that two winning balls have consecutive numbers? Who invented Pascal's triangle? (it was not Pasca…

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Codes on Euclidean Spheres

The Sundae Scoop

av Stuart J. Murphy
Codes on Euclidean Spheres
1.412 kr

Codes on Euclidean spheres are often referred to as spherical codes. They are of interest from mathematical, physical and engineering points of view. Mathematically the topic be…

The Sundae Scoop
76 kr

How many different ice-cream sundaes can you make? With 6 ingredients to choose from, there are so many combinations. Read all about the sundaes they're making at the school pic…

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