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Practices of Looking

av Marita Sturken

Essentials of Services Marketing

av Jochen Wirtz
Practices of Looking

Practices of Looking, Third Edition, bridges visual, communication, media, and cultural studies to investigate how images and the activity of looking carry meaning within and be…

Essentials of Services Marketing

Essentials of Services Marketing, 3e, is meant for courses directed at undergraduate and polytechnic students, especially those heading for a career in the service sector, wheth…

They Ask, You Answer Monetizing Innovation The Anthropocene in Global Media Direct Selling Success
They Ask, You Answer av Marcus SheridanMonetizing Innovation av Madhavan RamanujamThe Anthropocene in Global Media Direct Selling Success av Randy Gage

A / B Testing Growth Hacking For Dummies Contemporary Issues in Social Media Marketing Luxury and Visual Culture
A / B Testing av Dan SirokerGrowth Hacking For Dummies av Anuj AdhiyaContemporary Issues in Social Media Mar... Luxury and Visual Culture av John Armitage
  1. Practices of Looking av Marita Sturken
  2. Digital Marketing av Dave Chaffey
  3. The Choice Factory av Richard Shotton
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  9. The Journey Mapping Playbook av Jerry Angrave
  10. Sustainable Marketing av Michelle Carvill