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The Holy Grail of Macroeconomics

av Richard C. Koo


av Wendy Carlin
The Holy Grail of Macroeconomics
389 kr

The revised edition of this highly acclaimed work presents crucial lessons from Japan's recession that could aid the US and other economies as they struggle to recover from the …

712 kr

The distinctive feature of this book is that it provides a unified framework for the analysis of short- and medium-run macroeconomics. This gives students a model that they can …

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720 kr
622 kr
Measuring Economic Growth and Productivity
1.211 kr
Evolution or Revolution?
389 kr
Macroeconomics av Manfred GartnerMacroeconomics av Michael BurdaMeasuring Economic Growth and Productiv... Evolution or Revolution?
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  1. 389 kr Lägg i kundvagn 1
  2. 622 kr
    Macroeconomics av Michael Burda
    Lägg i kundvagn 2
  3. 172 kr
    Macroeconomics av Felipe Larrain B.
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  4. 171 kr Lägg i kundvagn 4
  5. 235 kr Lägg i kundvagn 5
  6. 746 kr
    Advanced Macroeconomics av David Romer
    Lägg i kundvagn 6
  7. 157 kr
    GDP av Diane Coyle
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  8. 389 kr Lägg i kundvagn 8
  9. 847 kr Lägg i kundvagn 9
  10. 712 kr
    Macroeconomics av Wendy Carlin
    Lägg i kundvagn 10