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Centrifugal Pump Design
1.630 kr

Centrifugal Pump Design

av John Tuzson

A hands-on, applications-based approach to the design and analysis of commonly used centrifugal pumps Centrifugal Pump Design presents a clear, practical design procedure that i…

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Hydraulics and Pneumatics

av Andrew Parr

Know and Understand Centrifugal Pumps

Hydraulics and Pneumatics
470 kr

Hydraulics and Pneumatics: A Technician's and Engineer's Guide serves as a guide to the hydraulic and pneumatic systems operations. It features mathematical content that has bee…

Know and Understand Centrifugal Pumps
1.111 kr

Pumps are commonly encountered in industry and are essential to the smooth running of many industrial complexes. Mechanical engineers entering industry often have little practic…

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